Students don't insure their gadgets

Students, they say, live through their mistakes. But according to a survey, some techy students are planning to take with them £3,000 worth of gadgets to uni with them. And they won't be insured.

This is because a lot of them believe that their insurance for smart phones, lap-tops and consoles will be covered by their parents' home insurance. But this is rarely the case with home insurance.

The survey, carried out by the National Union of Students and Endsleigh insurance, found that a lot of students carry with them each day a hefty amount of expensive kit such as digital cameras, tablet PCs and the like. Liam Burns, president of the NUS, said: 'Moving away from home for the first time can mean taking a lot of valuable items with you, and the nature of higher education means students need regular access to expensive equipment such as laptops and cameras.'

The pres. argues that students must be extra vigilant and cautious at all times, to reduce the chance of opportunistic thieving. 'Taking these precautions can provide you with valuable peace of mind and ensure that you are not left out of pocket at a time when money can be particularly tight,' he said.

Meanwhile, Vicki O'Connell, a spokesperson for Endsleigh, said: 'Students are more tech savvy than ever before, carrying a greater number of smartphones, digital cameras and laptops around with them every day. As lifestyles become more mobile the 'must have' items become more portable. Our research shows just how easily the value of your possessions accumulates.

'It's important to remember that items which are lighter and smaller are also more prone to loss or theft and that's why students are more likely to need insurance. We would encourage students not to rely on being covered by their parents' policy.

'Often parents' policies will not insure you for loss on the move or in halls and shared houses unless you have a lock on your bedroom door and entry is forced.'

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