Get Study Grants for Funding for Your Postgraduate Studies

Study grants are generally intended to offer financial support for postgraduate students in order for them to complete their doctoral or post-doctoral research.

Grants are offered in a variety of fields, from arts and humanities to sciences and they are available from a variety of institutions. For getting the study grants you need, you have to perform a thorough research to see what is available in your field. You also need to take into account the fact that every grant has a list of requirements you have to meet to be eligible for it.

One of your first stops when looking for study grants should be scholarship-search.org.uk. Here you will find one of the largest selections of scholarships and grants in the UK. The site specifies that annually, there are over £250 million worth of study funding available to students. You can search for a suitable grant by selecting your level of study, your subject of interest and the place where you normally live. If you get no suitable results,you may try to broaden the terms of your search. Some of the subjects with a large number of study grants available are business, medicine and engineering.

Another place where you can look for study grants is ww2.prospects.ac.uk. This is the UK’s official graduate careers website, where you can search for postgraduate funding. The site offers you the option of browsing postgraduate funding opportunities by selecting a particular subject. On this site, you will find study grants and scholarships for a variety of study levels, including doctorate, post doctorate, MBA and professional development.

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