Study loans for international students studying in the UK

Study loans for international students in the UK are set into two categories: EU nationals and international applicants. If you are coming to the UK and have not been living in the EU for more than three years you will have to apply through UKCISA (ukcisa.org.uk/student/fees_student_support.php), whereas EU students can apply for the same form of finance as UK residents.

Home Fees and Overseas Fees

Study loans for international students in the UK cover two types of fees charged by universities: a home fee and an overseas fee. A home fee is normally the same tuition fee as UK residents but you will not normally get a home fee charge at the start of your course if you applied as an international student. However, if your circumstances change over the course of your study you can have you fees adjusted to a home fee. Criteria for a home fee include:

  • Becoming an EU citizen
  • Becoming an EEA and Swiss migrant worker (or family of someone of that status)
  • Becoming a child of a Swiss or Turkish worker in the UK
  • Becoming a refugee or person with Humanitarian Protection or Discretionary Leave

You cannot apply for home fees because you have lived in the UK for more than three years.

Charge for Overseas Courses

You can be charged anything from £4,000 to £10,000 of overseas fees, depending on the university you attend. Additional charges and fees may also be included in this fee.

Funding Sources

Study loans for international students in the UK can be obtained through bursaries and sponsored studies from UK companies, but there is no specific loan company available to financially sustain an international student. However, there are various loans and scholarships available through online databases and the British Council. You can find more information on scholarships, including database listings, at: ukcisa.org.uk/student/source_funding.php.

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