Supermarket car insurance can surprise you with value!

Getting some supermarket car insurance can really help you save money as the bigger insurance companies are not afraid to charge you a lot of money.  We take a look at the best deals available from supermarkets offering car insurance.

Tesco Car Insurance is a great option for a quote, especially if you already shop with Tesco on a regular basis.  Clubcard members can get big savings of up to £425 if they shop a lot while non clubcard members can still find great deals that beat off other insurance companies.

A sample quote for a 30 year old male driving a 2011 Opel Astra, 1.4L Petrol car comes in at under £350 for the year.  This quote is dependent on having at least 5 years of no claims bonus and includes the 10% online discount.  You can get a quote from the Tesco website any time you wish.

ASDA offer competitive supermarket car insurance so visit their website at asdafinance.com/insurance/car-insurance/ to get your quote today.  They also offer a 10% online discount if you purchase your insurance with them.

They way ASDA works is that they act as an insurance broker and compare the top 15 car insurance providers in the country for you to save you doing it.  They then return the best price for your circumstances and you can decide from there whether you are happy to accept their quote.

It is possible to find insurance for as little as £232 and ASDA claim that 10% of their customers paid this price or less this year so far.  Prices will of course vary depending on your location, type of car and driving experience but you will get a great quote no matter which category you are in.

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