Supermarket tricks to make you buy more

Supermarkets are designed to be convenient so that you buy more. They have a collection of well-worn tricks they use to get you to part with your cash. It makes sense to be aware of them all. One of the best and most subtle supermarket tricks to make you buy more is the trolley.
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The trolley was first introduced into shops in the 1930s. Since then the convenience of them has allowed customer to make big purchases that they might not otherwise make. When you add in the large car parks that supermarkets have nowadays, you’ve got a recipe for selling anything no matter how big or small.

Fresh goods near the front of the store

The entrance of all supermarkets leads to the fresh food area. Some also have their flower stall at the front. This is the most inviting aspect of supermarket experience so they make sure that you experience it first. The smell of fresh food and the rainbow of colours they offer draws you in. Can you imagine a shop being as inviting if you faced a pallet of tins and cans when you entered?

Essentials at the back

Supermarket owners know what you want to buy so they make you tour the shop before you get to the essentials like bread and milk. If they put them at the front of the store, you might not see much more of it and they’d miss out on the opportunity to market their offers to you.

Eye level

Supermarkets put the items they want you to buy at eye level. Bulk items that sell well like tea bags and sugar are normally at the bottom so that more expensive items can be placed at eye level.

Sample stations

This is a relatively new trick in UK supermarkets but it’s something that can get you buying a product you haven’t tried before. Sample stations and other displays slow you down while tempting you with new products.

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