Supermarkets take the rise with ‘fresh’ bread claims

The smell of fresh bread is one of the only tolerable things about supermarket shopping, but an undercover investigation by the Sunday Times has revealed that bread marked ‘freshly baked’ may in fact be more than a year old.

The investigation found that bread and cakes are often frozen for as long as a year before being defrosted and crisped up in the oven prior to going on sale.

Supermarkets argue that the practice means that they can respond more effectively to customer demand and avoid having empty shelves. But many will see this as a total rip-off, given the image of freshness put forth by supermarkets to sell the bread and the lack of labelling. Often air fresheners are used in other parts of the supermarket to replicate the doughy smell and attract customers to the bread counter. Perhaps it’s time to go back with tail between legs to the high street baker, or, perhaps, start baking your own.

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