Great offers with Swift Car Insurance

Swift car insurance has some great deals on offer. They really live up to their name and offer you an insurance quote in under 60 seconds. It is possible to print your documents immediately off their site at swifcover.com. This gives you instant cover on your vehicle. It is also possible to amend your policy details online, or track a claim, eliminating the need for the hassle of calling the company.

Their policies offer some outstanding perks to customers, such as a UK based customer service team, free collection and delivery in the event of a motor insurance claim. They will clean your car inside and out if it needs to be repaired. They will also give you a five year workmanship guarantee on all repairs they carry out on your car.

They offer two levels of car insurance. These are comprehensive car insurance and third party, fire and theft car insurance. Comprehensive car insurance gives the greatest cover including, repair or replacement of your car if it is damaged or stolen, injury to you or other people, damage to other people's cars and property and windscreen repair or replacement. Third party fire and theft car insurance covers damage to other people's cars and property but not your own, injuries to other people and repair or replacement of your car if it is damaged by fire or stolen.

With the cost of running a car in the UK today, people are looking for any savings they can get. So visit swiftcover.com today for a cheap car insurance quote.

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