Swinton travel online insurance

Travel insurance isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you're planning a trip away, but it's something to be considered. As well as providing medical cover expenses, Swinton travel insurance offers great deals to cover you for theft, baggage loss, flight cancellation or delay. Although none of this isn't guaranteed to happen to you on your holiday, it's certainly something you might want to protect against.


Personalised Travel Cover

Swinton travel insurance does have set policies but aims to make them as flexible as possible, so you can apply no matter what plans you have. They can insure for single trips, annual trips, over 65s trips and even allow you to add a winter break to your cover when you've already taken out insurance. However, because the cover is personalised for different holidays, you won't be able to get a standard quote from a Google search or comparison site. To get an accurate quote you'll have to contact Swinton directly.


Single Trip Swinton Travel Insurance

The single trip travel insurance is ideal for a one-off holiday. With this package you're covered for up to £10,000,000 in medical expenses, £25,000 of personal injury cover, £5,000 and £1,500 of package cover for the whole party. Compared to some insurers, this level of cover is a lot higher than usual.


Swinton Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Swinton's annual insurance is ideal for anyone who takes a lot of trips over the course of the year. All valuables, cancellations, medical expenses and baggage loss is covered with a different level of cover depending on what you need, but the key part of this policy is the ability to upgrade to international cover, especially if you'll be travelling both in the EU and outside.


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