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If you are a young or less experienced driver you can sometimes be expected to pay more for your car insurance than what your car is even worth. It can seem impossible trying to keep the costs down. Swinton help young drivers to save on their car insurance each year.

They are a budget insurance comparison website meaning that they search a panel of insurers for you. This lets you easily compare the price of each company and also what benefits their policies have.

If you have completed a Pass Plus course you will be entitled to further discounts of up to 35% with Swinton. You can find out all about these courses at direct.gov.uk. Swinton also offer flexible monthly payment options with all of their policies to help you spread the cost over the full year. Swinton young drivers can choose from three different policies:

  1. Third Party
  2. Third Party Fire and Theft
  3. Fully Comprehensive

You can then choose to add any additional cover option you might need. For £30 you could add windscreen cover for the year. Or why not add breakdown cover to your policy? This will ensure that you are fully protected in the event of a breakdown and any callouts will not affect your no claims bonus. Add breakdown cover from just £38 for the year.

To get a quote from Swinton, young drivers can give them a call on 0800 072 9018. You can also get a quote online at swinton.co.uk.

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