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  • Come on George, let's belt one out

    Come on George, let's belt one out

    Nothing like a nice duet to round off a tour. Beyonce and George Michael belt out 'If I were a Boy' for the curtain fall of Big B's 02 London tour.

  • One Jonas, no single ladies

    One Jonas, no single ladies

    Not doing much for his chances of popping the big V, Joe Jonas wears a leotard and dances to Beyonce's Single Ladies

  • Whacky Gaga does Paparazzi

    Whacky Gaga does Paparazzi

    This satirically barmy new video for Gaga's single Paparazzi should earn the pop art princess a place on the whacky days leaderboard

  • Beyonce's got Ego

    Beyonce's got Ego

    "I'd like to think I was created for a special purpose", purrs Beyonce while stroking her boobs in her new video for 'Ego'. And that's pretty much all you need to know

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