Taking the stress out of Car Showrooms!

Car showrooms are not all full of sleazy salesman desperate to make a sale, at the expense of the consumer. In fact, if you shop around you can find some good value deals when looking for cars and car finance.

Even if you have been refused credit in the past, Yes Car Credit is one of the biggest car financing companies out there, you may recognize them from their bright yellow and green logo!

They offer a really easy and simple process on getting the car finance you need. Before you can set foot in their car credit showroom, you will need to be pre-approved for credit.

A few clicks online and you will be pre-approved and ready to find the car you want!

Application Criteria for Yes Car Credit

  • Must be aged 18 years or older
  • Must be working and be able to prove income
  • Must have a full UK driving licence

Bad credit history is not a problem with Yes Car Credit, you should be guaranteed credit if you fit the mentioned criteria above.

Other Car Credit Showrooms

Carfinance247.co.uk also offers car financing for those who have a patchy credit history. Based in Manchester, they have been established for 11 years now and they have a 90% acceptance rate, if you have had previous payment arrears, CCJ’s or self-employed then carfinance247.co.uk will be able to help.

You can apply online or call a free phone number to start your application, or talk directly to a salesman.

Carfinance247 boast a range of testimonials from “Top service from start to finish. Great dealings with Rob and what a stunning car” and also “Great company, great finance rate, great car and a great service. Keep up the good work.”

So all in all, pretty great! Head over to carfinance247.co.uk and see for yourself.

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