Talk Talk crosses the line?

One thing you can say about Talk Talk they are not afraid to rub their customers' noses up the wrong way. You could probably say many less kind things in light of the telecoms company's decision to increase its line rental rate by 9.5% from the start of October.

After being fined a record amount for incorrect billing, you'd have thought Talk Talk would have preferred to keep out of the spotlight for a while, but a week after BT announced that it would be charging its customers more it has opted to follow suit, though when both firms' prices are raised, Talk Talk's standard line rental will work out 80p a month cheaper than its rival, though more expensive than Plusnet at £11.99 a month and Sky at £12.25 a month.

One solution it offers to the 4 million cash-strapped customers affected by the increase is the option to sign up to a deal called Value line rental, which offers line rental at £9.50 a month but you have to pay the whole yearly sum – £114 – upfront.

Talk Talk's commercial director, Tristia Clarke, said: 'Our customers have told us that they love getting great value and they want long-term confidence about their outgoings.

'Offering pay in advance line rental at such a low price offers a simple way for our customers to get the best value.'

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