Talking the TalkTalk

TalkTalk has maintained its place as the communications provider most Brits love to hate, with a poll of 11,000 customers by regulator Ofcom finding that 23 percent of customers are dissatisfied with the firm's broadband service and just over 24 percent unhappy about the state of its landline service.

BSkyB scored highest among landline providers (66 percent were satisfied), while Orange won the prize for best broadband provider, with 76 percent of users satisfied with the service.

Ofcom spokesperson Claudio Pollack said: 'The research shows that there can be considerable differences in consumers' experiences of customer service. By publishing this research we want to give consumers an insight into the standard of customer service being offered across the communications sector. The more information of this kind consumers have, the more effectively they can exercise their choice.'

Since its takeover of the now defunct internet and communications provider Tiscali in 2009, TalkTalk has received an increased level of complaints, which peaked in November 2010 when an Ofcom investigation found that the company was incorrectly billing customers for cancelled services. It all adds to a growing perception among many consumers that while TalkTalk's broadband and landline offers appear attractive at the outset, they are in fact products to avoid, with many opting for Virgin as a similarly priced yet better performing and more reliable telcommunications provider.

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