TalkTalk still taking flak

TalkTalk can just not put a foot right it seems, as telecoms regulator Ofcom revealed that it was the most complained about telephone and broadband provider in the first half of this year.

It was the second quarter running that it topped the list for both services, beating BSkyB, BT Retail and Virgin to scoop the dubious gong.

Andrew Ferguson, of thinkbroadband website, said: ‘Information on the level of complaints for a firm is obviously a key factor when people are buying broadband or a telephone/broadband bundle – though based on the growth in numbers of customers it is often outweighed by price for many people.’

He added: ‘The figures for TalkTalk on both broadband and telephone line complaints clearly put them ahead of the other providers, but when you look at the trend over the last nine months TalkTalk has improved a great deal, and if improvements continue they could be on par with BT Retail at the end of the next quarter.’

Mike Wilson, mobiles and broadband expert at Moneysupermarket.com, said: ‘[TalkTalk] have obviously made significant improvements, but there is still a big gulf between them and the rest of the market and this report shows they still have an awful lot of work to do.’

But a spokesperson from TalkTalk was optimistic that the figures were a sign of a steady improvement in the firm’s services.

‘It is encouraging that Ofcom's data demonstrates that, following the Tiscali integration, the service we offer our customers has significantly improved in the last quarter with the number of complaints as a percentage of customers dropping by over 50%.


’We are simplifying our business for the benefit of our customers, and calls to our customer services teams are down 40% from this time last year. We are also connecting new customers much more quickly and efficiently – last year it took an average of 23 days, today a customer will be connected in 14 days, which is the minimum allowed due to the cooling-off period.’

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