Tap-and-go coming soon

Tap and go payments will allow you to get a newspaper or a packet of fags from the shops by just swiping your credit or debit card over an electronic pad - and they’re coming to a high street near you soon!

Simply swipe - no need to enter a PIN or sign anything. The technology has been around for a while, with more than 50,000 payment terminals within the M25 area.

The terminals use a wireless connection to swap information between the card and the terminal, allowing money to be debited directly from your account. First something of a novelty, the technology looks to be moving into the mainstream soon.

Jatin Patel, director of current accounts at Lloyds TSB, says of the developmet: 'It has been a bit of a chicken and egg thing.

We have not been sure about issuing cards until we know there are terminals out there for customers to use.

'Likewise, retailers have been unsure there are enough cards to justify their investment in fitting terminals and training staff. But the momentum has been building up.'

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