They say statistics don’t lie, and one reason to shake your fist at British Gas is that the energy giant has posted giant profits of £742 million for 2010 - only two months after raising bills by 7%.

Perhaps to get back in the British public’s good books, the energy supplier has launched a new ‘market leading’ tariff, the Websaver 11, which aims to undercut its competitors’ tariffs by a not-to-be-sniffed-at £11 a year.

Research from price comparison website Confused.com puts the average yearly bill at £948, with the Websaver 11 comparing favourably at £895.

So it looks good, but one thing to bear in mind is that customers must pay by direct debit and manage the account online.

Lisa Greenfield at Confused.com says: ‘Consumers will be relieved that the latest offering from the energy giant is at a lower rate, breaking the trend of recent months for withdrawing the lowest rate deals and increasing prices from all of the Big 6.

’However, given that British Gas announced profits of £742m for 2010 many consumers may be left feeling disappointed that the newest deal doesn't offer greater savings.’

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