Short term tax loan information

Cash flow is the vital lifeblood of business. Ensuring you have enough liquid assets to meet commitments is one of the most important functions for business managers and self employed entrepreneurs alike.

Sometimes however you may need a short term loan. If cash flow is not adequate or perhaps you tax bill is slightly higher than you have allowed for you may require a tax payment bridging loan.

A bridging loan is a short term, interim financing solution for an individual or business. It is put in place until the situation has resolved it or long term financing can be obtained. These loans can be used in any situation where short term financing or cash flow replacement is needed.

Due to the short term nature of this kind of financial solution the rates charged can be high. Typically it can be as much as the Bank of England bank rate plus 2% to 2.5%. Arrangement fees of up to   0.5% to 1.5% of the value of the loan can also be charged. Therefore a bridging loan should only be used as a temporary solution and undertaken with as much advice as possible.

Thisismoney.co.uk, an independent price comparison website, allows users to quickly search the market for the best rates and deals available.

By using this site we found Masthaven.co.uk and Lloydstsb.com to be the leading names in these kinds of bridging loans.

Lloydstsb.com are a high street bank that understand the needs of business. They provide bridging loans as part of their larger suite of products at the most competitive rates available.

Masthaven.co.uk are specialists in bridging loans, offering fast service when needed, for instance a tax loan. They offer services to users who may have been refused by other lending institutions.

These kinds of loans are not to be entered into lightly and independent financial advice should be sought before committing to any deal.


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