Taxman is a bully

A select committee report claims that HMRC sent letters threatening to take away taxpayers' possessions, and that in some cases this had been 'completely inappropriate.'

The report said: 'These letters appear to have been widely used without sufficent thought to whom they were sent to, even being sent to people who did not actually owe money. 'We recommend that HMRC take steps to ensure such hard-hitting correspondence is used in a more proportionate way.'

A spokesman for HMRC said it was doing everything to improve its standards of customer service, saying: 'We know we have a lot more to do to improve our services to customers. But HMRC is in a much stronger position now than in 2010 and plans to go further. We welcome the Committee's report, and particularly its recognition of the dedication and professionalism of our staff.'

But on the matter of sending out letters, the response ws more bullish, with the spokes person claiming that it had been sending letters to people who owe tax 'since the Napoleonic wars.'

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