Get the best possible quote for teenager car insurance

As anyone who started driving at a young age can tell you, teenager car insurance is an expensive nightmare! You've bought the car, you've passed your test, but then the real hard work starts, getting a company to insure you.

A recent survey showed that fewer than half of UK Motor Insurers will even provide a teenager with a quote, and of the ones who will, you're looking at shelling out around £4,000-£5,000 for the privilege, which is often more than the cost of the car!

The excessive cost is backed up by the figures - Teenage drivers are just FAR more likely to be involved in an accident. So, statistically speaking, it's not worth an insurers while to provide cover, as it will probably end up costing them money.

So, what are your options? How can you bring down these comedy sized premiums? The good news is that there is an option, and you can find it at www.insurethebox.com.

The aim of this site is to restrict young drivers, making it harder for them to cause accidents. They do this by fitting a telematics device, known as a "clear box", which measures and reports back on the mileage and how well the car is driven.

Drivers don't buy term cover, they buy cover for a set amount of miles, which can be carried over to the next year if not used. Good driving is rewarded by providing "bonus miles" which should help keep the premium down even further.

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