Lets take a look at temp cover for new drivers

More and more drivers, and in particular young drivers, are beginning to fight back against ridiculous twelve month Car Insurance quotes by taking out much better value short term policies. In this blog, we'll be taking a look at what one of these short term policies can do for you!

Young Drivers have been the picked on relation in the car Insurance family for years thanks to their lack of No Claims Bonus, and the statistical evidence linking them with a higher rate of accidents. However, as a young driver, this doesn't mean you have to put up with the appalling value on offer.

To help build up your No Claims Bonus, have you considered taking out temp cover for new drivers? Temp cover allows you to work on a body of clean driving, while not having to pay the earth for your cover. It's a win win scenario for you! Plenty of companies in the UK are currently offering temp cover, but for us, the value is to be found at http://www.dayinsure.com/, so lets check them out.

Day Insure specialise in short term policies for young drivers, with their policies ranging in length from one day to 28 days. You can get one of their temporary quotes online within seconds, you just need to fill out a short insurance request form. Their policies are all comprehensive and are underwritten by Aviva, so you know you're getting quality cover for your money.

You can get a quote online, or by calling them, so check them out today and get away from the rip off merchants offering poor value cover!

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