What is temporary car insurance?

You may not have heard of temporary car insurance before – but it does exist!

Most regular policies run for a year at a time before they are due to be renewed, but sometimes drivers only require insurance for a short period.

For example, if you are borrowing a friend’s car for the weekend, or lending your vehicle to a family member for a few days, temporary insurance would be ideal.

Another instance where you might benefit from short term cover is if you have just bought a new car but have not arranged permanent motor insurance. The only way you can drive your shiny new vehicle off the forecourt is with a temporary policy in place to protect you!

Many insurers providing interim cover offer a choice of daily insurance or a fixed term according to your requirements.

The AA’s temporary car insurance spans periods from one to 28 days and can apply to motorists with a current full UK driving licence held for a minimum of six months, an EU licence for a minimum of one year, or a provisional driving licence. Drivers can be any age from 18 to 75 years old.

Aviva short term insurance can also be taken out from one to 28 days and will not affect the no claims discount on the car’s main insurance. Each policy includes uninsured loss recovery, but there are also optional extras including comprehensive European cover and breakdown protection. Aviva offers short term cover for vans as well as cars.


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