Finding the best deal on temporary car insurance south east London

If you're living in London and you can't afford to shell out for a year long car insurance premium, then have you considered temporary car insurance south east London? More and more drivers are finding out to their delight how they can get driving without breaking the bank for car cover, and here's how!

Plenty of companies out there are beginning to offer temporary car insurance policies, but there are generally strings of some variety attached, making it difficult for you to find a policy that truly offers value. We have taken a look around the market, and we believe the temporary policies being offered by the RAC are some of the best out there. You can check out their site at rac.co.uk.

RAC offer fully comprehensive short term policies to customers in London ranging anywhere from one day to 28 days in length. All they ask is that you are a resident of Great Britain, that you are aged over 23 years, hold a current, valid, full UK or EU Driving licence and have for at least 12 months, and that you have no more than eight penalty points in the last three years.

Once you've satisfied these criteria, you are eligible to apply for a great deal on short term car insurance. Their temporary policies are fully comprehensive and cover the following: legal liability for death, liability for damage, loss or damage due to vandalism, fire or theft, damage in the event of an accident, and they'll even cover new car replacement.

Check them out today for a great value quote on your car insurance. You'll be glad you did!

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