Tenants struggle in the face of rising rents

Renting in the UK is never easy, and the latest Residential Lettings Survey has confirmed that things are not getting any easier, with increased tenant demand and a low level of properties available to rent leading to rents being pushed higher in the first three months of this year.

The organisation claims that strict lending criteria is forcing people to rent rather than buy.

Spokesperson for RICS James Scott-Lee said: 'Although we are beginning to see more mortgages aimed at first-time buyers, many potential home owners are still restricted from getting a foot on the property ladder, leading to increased demand in an already oversubscribed rental market. There has been a small uplift in supply, but the imbalance between demand and availability can only mean rents will continue to rise.'

During the past year, the number of couples choosing to rent with flatmates has grown by 91 percent. As a result there are now four times as many double rooms on the market as there were in May 2010.

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