Short Term Car Breakdown Cover

If you need short term car breakdown cover it won't be particularly money savvy to purchase a full annual cover if you don't need it for the whole year. You might only need the cover for a day or for a few weeks on a trip, of you may not use your car enough to warrant full annual cover and are instead looking for flexible short term car breakdown policies.

Maybe you're already insured but breakdown cover isn't included in the policy and some form of breakdown cover is required. In any case, finding a provider who offers flexible short term car breakdown cover and low payments can be difficult and tiresome, but there's a few reasons you should shop around and opt for short term cover instead of an annual insurance policy.

Flexible Policies

Short term car breakdown cover can be taken out for a variety of reasons - a long haul day trip in the car, travelling excessively more than usual or driving someone else's car and feeling the need to take out breakdown cover. Whatever the reason you won't want to pay for a policy that covers you for longer than you want, but luckily most providers are willing to offer a certain flexibility with short term car breakdown cover. Like short term car insurance, you can take out a policy for a specific number of days (depending on the provider) and still find some great rates.

Current Policy

In most cases you can take out short term car breakdown cover which won't affect your current policy, so you don't have to worry about losing out with your current provider on any other cover, or falling into some legal loophole where you're not actually covered. Short term car breakdown cover acts almost independently but you should always check with both providers in case any policies overlap and you're paying for something you already have.

Quicker to Obtain

Most providers understand that if you need short term car breakdown cover you probably need it quickly. Because of the nature of the policy you probably won't have to go through excessive checks and amounts of paperwork.

Cover for Aboard

In some cases short term car breakdown cover can be sought if you plan on driving aboard, either in your own car or someone else's. This really depends on the provider, so you should check with them to see what short term cover is available for driving outside of the UK.


Here's a list of some of the top providers of short term car breakdown cover to get you started on comparing quotes and policies:

Rescue My Car (http://www.rescuemycar.com/Breakdown/Car/)

RAC Insurance (http://www.rac.co.uk/day-insurance/)

The AA (http://www.theaa.com/insurance/short-term-car-insurance.html)

Green Flag (http://www.greenflag.com/breakdown-cover/)

Aviva (http://www.aviva.co.uk/motor-insurance/)

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