Short term car insurance for temporary drivers

There are many situations that spring to mind where short term car insurance for drivers may be something that comes in handy for you. For example, if you've got relatives visiting from another country, and you're giving them a lend of your second car so that they can do a bit of sight seeing, or you need a friend who doesn't currently have their own car to do some driving for you for one reason or another.

In these cases and countless others, it simply wouldn't be sensible to take out a full term car insurance policy for the driver in question, so it's fortunate that many insurance companies offer a great alternative known as short term car insurance.

Under the terms of your short term car insurance agreement, you will be able to add additional drivers to your insurance policy temporarily, meaning that they'll be covered in the case of an accident, and your no claims bonus will remain untouched should there be a claim due to their driving.

In order for the person in question to be eligible for short term car insurance, they'll need to be aged between 24 and 75 as well as being holders of a full European or UK driving licence (which needs to have been held for more than 12 months from the start date of the policy).

If these conditions are met, you'll be able to have the person added for a period of between 1 and 28 days (depending on the insurance company, many only offer up to 14 days) as a temporary insurance holder.

Two companies we recommend you take a look at for this type of cover are www.dialdirect.co.uk and www.theaa.com.

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