We check out the latest home coverage from Tesco, with boiler insurance and more

The ever changing face of Tesco is almost unrecognisable from the supermarket chain of a few years ago. Seemingly intent on world domination, they have entered the financial market with a wide range of services previously unthinkable for a brand normally associated with cut price groceries.

On the insurance front, they've got a huge range of products available including car insurance, breakdown cover, dental insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, health insurance and a special over 50s plan.

Today we're going to focus on the home insurance side of things, which is one of the most impressive packages currently on offer from Tesco. Boiler insurance is often something we get questions about, believe it or not, so we hope to be able to point you in the right direction about that right now.

Tesco home insurance currently boasts an impressive 5 Star rating from consumer advisory body Defaquto.com, which means that they can offer you the highest quality and best value around.

Their standard home insurance offers you access to a 24 hour emergency UK based helpline, a full year guarantee on any work carried out by their approved builders, a fantastic home repair network to ensure that you are serviced by only the best in the field, coverage against burst or damaged pipes (just what all you boiler fanatics wanted to hear!) and a value limit of up to £2,000 per item covered on the policy.

If that seems a little out of your reach, they also offer a Value deal which includes optional accidental damage cover and a limit of up to £1,500 value per item insured.

Any new customers signing up for Tesco home insurance between now and May 25th 2011 will be rewarded with a £40 gift card as well as a 30% discount, so get your skates on and check out www.tescofinance.com today.

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