Tesco Breakdown Cover: customer review

Tesco breakdown cover offers three levels of cover: standard, value and finest, which all offer different policies and are charged at different prices. Tesco breakdown cover review sites from real customer experiences rate the overall value of the cover as good (around 75%) and the customer service as excellent (around 80%) in most cases. Prices start from around £28 per year, but the cheapest policy won't provide you with the best cover. Vehicle cover, replacement transport, roadside assistance and travel breakdown cover is also included in some policies.

Customer Service

One Tesco breakdown cover review stated that the customer service provided by Tesco was excellent and highly rated. Call centre staff were suggested to be polite in most cases and helpful, with only a few cases of poor customer services (although these instances were down to administration errors rather than poor service offered by representatives).

Speed of Assistance

Although the level of quality provided by Tesco breakdown cover is rated as high and the customer service is also excellent, some customers have not been pleased with the speed of assistance. Some breakdown recovery teams from Tesco breakdown cover have taken longer than than expected to assist a breakdown, taking hours in some cases in busy towns. However, some customer reviews still state that, in a lot of cases, the speed of recovery assistance is generally good.

Value For Money

Generally, most Tesco breakdown cover review sites showed that customers were satisfied by the value for money from the policy. Only a few stated they were unaware of call out charges or excess, which would have been in the terms and conditions of the policy.

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