Lots of value to be found with a Tesco business loan

Looking to get your business off the ground with a serious cash injection? You have plenty of finance options out there, but perhaps the best, and first you should consider, is a Tesco business loan. Let's see what they offer.

Since entering the financial market, Tesco have been a massive hit, growing fast to become one of the UK's biggest providers of loans and Insurance. Their loans are unbelievably competitive, so let's take a look at their website.

You can find the Tesco finance page at http://www.tescobank.com/personal/finance, all you need to do is click on the loans tab. Once here, you'll see the unbelievable rate Tesco are currently offering on loans from £7,500 to £14,999. Their APR rate is set at 7.4%, which is phenomenal value compared to the nearest competitor, Halifax, who have their rate set at 8.8%.

Tesco don't mind what you use the loan for, so it's perfect for helping the cashflow of a small business. Their loans also carry a number of sweet perks to help make the deal even better.

You'll be able to avail of Fixed monthly payments with no set up charges, making things clear regards your repayments. You can pick the date each month when you'll make your repayment. There will also be the option to apply for a payment break to start the loan off.

Tesco don't offer a business loan, strictly speaking, but their personal loan should be more than enough to get your small business off on the right foot!

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