Tesco Value Car Insurance

Tesco Bank offers several insurance policies, but reserves the Tesco Value Car Insurance plan for those looking to save money on their insurance costs by keeping the fundamental benefits of a comprehensive policy but removing the unnecessary options and frills. The deal is only available online at tescobank.com/personal/finance/insurance.

The major benefits of the Tesco Value Car Insurance Plan are as follows: you will have a comprehensive cover against damages to your car, whether related to third party liability, an accident, a fire or theft. The policy will be valid for up to 90 days driving in your car in the European Union.

The policy holder can also claim compensation if he or she has an accident in a car owned by a third party. You will also have access to a 24 hour accident advice helpline.

In addition to the basic policy, you can order to optional extras: Tesco Breakdown Cover claims to provide engineering assistance 365 days a year within 40 minutes at any time of the day. Tesco Legal Guard provides legal advice and financial backing to contact the best solicitors to get the most compensation should an accident or misdoing occur.

There are often special deals for customers who arrange their plans online before a certain date (for example, you might be rewarded with a free MOT at a local autocentre). There are also 15% reductions in costs for customers who also own a Tesco Clubcard.

As usual, you have a 14 day "cooling off" period after you purchase your policy in which you may cancel it with a full refund - assuming you have made no claims in this period. A partial refund can be arranged if you cancel after this date, again if you have made no claims.

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