Tesco Car Insurance: 3 Out of 4 Drivers Can Save Money!

A December 2010 study by Consumer Intelligence found that 3 out of 4 drivers can save with one of Tesco's car insurance policies. More discounts are available for online buyers and Tesco club card holders, according to the Tesco car insurance website. Drivers can find out more about the types of policy, coverage features, extra options and even get quotes online.

Tesco Car Insurance Benefits for Drivers

Some key benefits available with Tesco car insurance include up to 90 days of coverage in Europe -- so you can drive on your holidays and day trips without needing to arrange extra protection -- a courtesy car if youre is damaged, and a 24-hour accident helpline.

Parents will be reassured that if your child's car seat is damaged in an accident, Tesco insurance provides a replacement. And you can save even more money with discounts on services and repairs through Nationwide Autocentres.

What's Covered?

Tesco car insurance allows drivers the choice of voluntary access. Fire and theft is covered, in addition to personal accident cover, DVD and stereo equipment.

iPhone Users

iPhone users can check on Tesco car insurance with an iPhone app to remind drivers of key insurance and car related dates. The application provides tips and step-by-step help you can access at the time of an accident or breakdown.

Breakdown Cover

Tesco car insurance provides drivers with the benefit of breakdown coverage through a partnership with the RAC. The goal is to reach drivers within 40 minutes of being called, and the RAC claims to fix 80 percent of routine breakdowns right there and then at the side of the road.

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