Tesco car insurance can save you a bundle!

Wondering how to save some money on your Car Insurance premium? The internet has opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to cheap car insurance, so let's take a look at one of the best out there Tesco car insurance, and see if we can save you any money.

Tesco have been one of the UK's most popular Car Insurance companies since entering the market a few years ago. Their website - www.tescofinance.com, offers a vast range of financial products including Credit Cards, Insurance and Loans, and today we'll be looking at the value offered by their Car Insurance.

According to Tesco, three out of every four drivers could save on their premium if they went with Tesco Car Insurance. If you shop at Tesco, and use their club card, then this rises to eight out of every ten drivers. So, what are the key points of Tesco's Car Insurance offering?

Tesco offer a small courtesy car if your car is being repaired following a claim. Optional breakdown cover. 24-hour accident helpline. European Driving Cover (up to 90 days), Replacement car seat, optional protecting of no claims bonus, and the option to go paperless (no paper bills or notices from Tesco).

Tesco also offer a "Value" Car Insurance offer which is a low cost, comprehensive cover, with some of the frills taken out. There are more details of this particular low cost value offer on the Tesco website, at the following link - http://www.tescofinance.com/personal/finance/insurance/carins/value/index.jsp.

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