Tesco car insurance premiums in Ireland

Driving costs for Irish drivers are beginning to bite. Insurance premiums have risen for the majority of drivers. Fuel costs are soaring and stealth taxes like tole roads are increasing all the time.

What can the average driver do then?

Tesco's, the huge retailing chain, have recently entered the Irish insurance market and while they are not quite as big in insurance as they are in groceries they should certainly be looked at if you are shopping around for cheap car insurance.

Tesco car insurance in Ireland is sold online and over the phone from their website and dedicated phone lines.

Tesco.ie/finance/carinsurance/ or Ph. 1890-812-123

As with all big companies they offer synergies between their offerings. Tesco Club card holders get a 10% discount simple for using the two services.

Using the same branding as their groceries their cover is divided into three categories, Value, Standard and Finest.

Each level of cover offers various features. All three policy types include third party, fire and theft.

Other elements such as breakdown assistance and coverage for in-car entertainment centres are also included in all of the packages. These are the kinds of things that would not be included in other companies policies.

The standard policy includes an incredible bonus of a courtesy car  and "no claims bonus" protection.

In addition to having all of the other features that the Value and Standard policies have the finest policy includes  breakdown assistance throughout the EU.

Finally The finest insurance policy also includes open driving allowing the insurance parties to drive other people's car on their own policy.

We think that Tesco car insurance in Ireland is going to be big and if you are looking to renew then give them a call.


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