Can you get a Tesco car loan in Ireland?

Are you casting envious glances at the excellent personal finance options being offered by Tesco in the UK and wondering if they are available in Ireland? In short, it's not possible to get a Tesco car loan Ireland as they haven't yet rolled out the full range of their finance products. However, they are offering their own special take on car insurance, and we'll be taking a look at that in this blog.

Tesco Car Insurance is a relative newcomer to the Irish market, but it is picking up a serious head of steam thanks to fantastic offers like the current 10% online discount they are offering. This discount is bumped up a further 5% if you are a current Tesco Clubcard holder.

Tesco currently offer three different levels of cover. They are Value Cover, Standard Cover, and Finest Cover. The three policies offer a pretty comprehensive level of cover, with a couple of differences. The excess you will have to pay on a claim is 500 Euro under the Value policy, 300 Euro under the Standard policy and just 150 Euro under the Finest policy. Other than that, all three offer largely the same amount of protection.

All policies offer full Breakdown Assistance to all subscribers; they also offer uninsured driver protection, and full travel insurance for up to 31 days when you take your car abroad. You'll also get third party cover when driving other cars. It's an all round great deal, and getting a quote is a simple matter of pointing your browser at tesco.ie/finance.

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