Tesco Clubcard Exchange Deals

As sure as Summer follows Spring, Tesco Clubcard Exchange deals follow the start of Summer and loyal Tesco customers get to reap the benefits that the exchange program offers. You can take advantage of some fantastic deals between May 13th and July 2nd so we will get you up to speed quickly on how to go about doing that.

Exchange your Vouchers into Powerful Tokens

The expression double trouble springs to mind as you can double the value of your Tesco vouchers at your nearest store. So how exactly does the Tesco Clubcard Exchange deals program work? You can turn any £5 Tesco voucher you have into £10 worth of Tesco tokens and these tokens can then be used to purchase a variety of luxury and essential products.

Once you have exchanged your vouchers for tokens then you are free to spend them on a range of kids toys, outdoor and camping equipment, cycling gear, clothes, kitchen dishes, furniture and almost any electronic item you can think of. The store that you exchange your vouchers in is the one that you will have to spend the tokens in. Alternatively you can exchange them online and keep track of them with your clubcard online account.

Keep in mind that although you can only change your vouchers until the 2nd of July, any tokens you have are valid until the 11th of July. Once this date has passed, your exchange tokens will no longer be valid so use them before the 11th or you will lose them. Any change left over from your purchases will be automatically debited back into your clubcard account and there is no limit on the amount of vouchers you can exchange.

Follow the Exchange on Twitter

You can keep up to date with all the latest Tesco Clubcard Exchange deals news by following #ClubcardExchange on Twitter. Customers availing of the offers tweet about the great savings they made and the purchases that make them happy. This is a great way to become aware of some of quality items that might suit you that are available under the exchange program.

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