Tesco bank contents insurance

Most companies only offer a standard package, some of which contains features you really don't need. However, Tesco contents insurance aims to provide personalised packages for all different levels of cover so you don't pay a penny over for benefits you didn't need, want or ask for.

The insurance still comes with 3 levels of cover - Tesco Finest, Tesco Standard and Tesco Value - but you should be able to pinpoint the exact areas you need coverage for and come to an agreement with the company. You won't be able to find a good price comparison for them, especially if all Tesco contents insurance is provided on an individual basis, but you should be able to get a quote based on your circumstances if you contact the company.


General Features of Tesco Contents Cover

  • 24-hour UK based call centres with well-trained customer service providers.
  • Home repair network, where all repairs are undertaken by qualified, registered builders only.
  • A year's guarantee for work carried out on your property from builders.
  • Combined buildings and content insurance to insurance both your belongings and the structure of your property at competitive prices.
  • A free Polaroid HD camcorder for Tesco clubcard customers.


All levels of cover have been voted 5 star by the regulating authority Defaqto in 2011. Although the level of insurance comes in three different products, each one is quite close to each other with only a few thousand pound difference in some cases (i.e., the Tesco contents insurance Finest product covers single items up to £3,000 whereas the Value cover only protects up to £1,500 of valuables).

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