Have you heard about the Tesco credit card in Ireland?

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The Tesco credit card in Ireland allows you to earn more clubcard points than ever before. Even when you shop outside Tesco and use the credit card you can earn clubcard points which will entitle you to massive savings when you get around to shopping in Tesco.

The low interest rate is one of the biggest attractions to a Tesco credit card. A representative variable APR of just 19.1 per cent is charged on purchases with the credit card. That's based on a credit limit of €1,500 with the government stamp duty of €30 included.

And you can avail of a 0 per cent fixed interest rate on the first ten months of purchases with your Tesco credit card - so don't be afraid to go wild on the plastic when you get your hands on it! There's also a 0 per cent fixed interest rate on balance transfers for the first ten months on the account.

We've already mentioned that you can collect extra clubcard points on purchases inside and outside Tesco branches, but did you know that you can also collect clubcard points at Tesco filling stations when you use your credit card for fuel purchases?

There are many options available for paying off your Tesco credit card in Ireland. You can clear the outstanding balance by direct debit, online transfer, at any bank or Post Office or simply by post. If you're interested in this fantastic service by Tesco, go to their website where you can complete the entire process of applying for a Tesco credit card.

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