What is Tesco Finance

Tesco Finance covers a range of financial products including loans, credit cards, car and life insurance and savings accounts. You can control your finances in a variety of ways from calling in to a designated store to internet banking.

Tesco finance offers the Tesco Clubcard credit card. Available to people over 18, with a good credit history the card offers a 0% balance transfer for 9-months. The credit card also has 0% on purchases for 15-months. If you are an avid collector of Clubcard points, you can also collect these each time you use your card, these can be redeemed at a later point for items in the Tesco stores. The card has a built-in anti-fraud system, to protect you while making internet purchases. You also get other benefits such as commission-free bureau de change.

The loans available through Tesco Finance are competitive in comparison to some of the finance on offer on the high street. You can borrow between £7,500 and £15,000 with a 7.4% APR. You get to choose the date you make your loan repayments, making it easier to fit around your income and Tesco fix your repayments so you can manage your finances appropriately. You may also be eligible for a payment holiday, which is designed to give you a break if your financial circumstances suddenly change, such as in cases of serious illness and unemployment.

Tesco Finance offers a variety of savings accounts including the internet savers, the fixed rate saver and the instant access savings account. All have their own benefits and banking restrictions. Information for the savings accounts and other financial services are available from Tesco stores or from their website at Tesco.com.

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