Tesco Insurance - all you need to know

Tesco provide cheap insurance products for millions of customers throughout the UK. The following is some useful information on Tesco Insurance.

Tesco Insurance

Tesco are one of the largest retailers in the UK and in recent years have moved into providing insurance. They provide most types of insurance at competitive rates. They have excellent special offers on many insurance products including discounts, money off vouchers and free gifts such as camcorders.

Types of Insurance

Tesco provide all major types of insurance. The most popular are car, home, travel and life insurance. Car insurance policies include a number of features and benefits and there are also excellent discounts for Clubcard holders. There is an additional online discount of 10%. They also have a Tesco value insurance option allowing you to choose low cost, no frills cover. Home insurance provides protection for your home and contents against a number of scenarios. Travel insurance cover medical expenses while abroad, cancellation costs and loss of baggage and personal belongings. Cover starts from just £4.50 a day for a single 3 day trip to Europe. Tesco also provide health insurance, pet insurance, dental insurance and breakdown cover.  They have a 24 hour emergency helpline and their call centres are UK based.


Tesco have a fast online quote system on their website www.tescobank.com. The process is easy to follow and you just need to enter your personal details and a quote will be automatically provided. Premium quotes provided are usually very affordable and competitive and can be among the lowest on the market.

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