Tesco Insurance for Your Car: Customer Reviews

Tesco insurance for cars is considered to be quite cheap for other providers; this is great if you're a bit strapped for cash, but it may indicate that the cover lacks in some areas. The best thing to do when faced with the choice of taking out cheap or expensive car insurance is to look for customer reviews of people who have used the service and can give you an insight into the insurance provided.

Clubcard customers who take out Tesco car insurance can save up to £425 on their deal, but you can still apply if you don't have a Clubcard. Tesco also boosts:

  • 10% online discount.
  • Free MOTs at Halfords Autocentre.
  • Free 18 point Tesco service (again at Halfords Autocentre).
  • A small courtesy car if you car needs extensive repairs after a claim.
  • Optional breakdown cover with four levels of coverage.
  • 24-hour accident helplines.
  • Extended EU cover.
  • The option to protect your no claims bonus for  years.
  • A choice of excess paid.
  • Cover for fire and theft.
  • Cover for personal belongings.

Many of these benefits may be optional so you will have to speak to Tesco about their insurance for cars to find out exactly what you can get.

Generally, for such as cheap insurance deal, Tesco offers excellent service according to most online reviews. There have been some complaints of poor customer service but advisor are not rude nor unhelpful; complaints mainly come from a few instances were there was no payout. Most customers stated that Tesco was willing to sort out their claim in ample time and supply a suitable replacement car if necessary. As with any cheap insurance there will be a few downfalls, in this case the customer service team providing the wrong information and a slight chance of minor claim hiccups, but overall the service is rated to be very good.

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