Protect Yourself with Tesco Liability Insurance

Cover your business in the event of an accident to a customer, employee, or damage to third party property. Tesco liability insurance can provide peace of mind, giving you the reassurance that you won't be suddenly faced with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of expenses and legal fees.

Types of Tesco Liability Insurance

Tesco's public liability insurance covers businesses against damage to a third party's property. For example, if a customer's wall is damaged during your electrical installation, or you drop a customer's television while moving it. Public liability also covers a company for injuries sustained by a customer, such as if the customer breaks an arm after tripping over loose flooring in your shop.

Tesco's employer liability insurance provides employers with coverage for employee injuries or illnesses caused by the job. Employer liability insurance is required by law for any business that employs staff -- unless the employees are family members.

Product liability insurance is an optional election that can be added on to other forms of Tesco liability insurance. Product liability insurance protects an employer in the event that the company's product causes injury or illness.

Documents and Information

Before you apply for Tesco liability insurance, gather the necessary information you'll need for the application process. Tesco requires the business name, address, number of employees and when it was established. You should be prepared to provide full details of any claims and losses in the past five years, and have an idea of the level of coverage you're looking for.


Once you've entered your information, Tesco will provide a selection of quotes to choose from. Quotes are stored on the Tesco website in case you want to make the decision at a later date.


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