Have you looked into Tesco's Irish personal loans?

Have you heard about the excellent financial products offered by Tesco in the United Kingdom? In a short space of time, Tesco have become one of the main players in personal finance, shaking up the establishment thanks to some fantastic value rates!

If you're living in Ireland and you're wondering about Tesco personal loans, then we've got some bad news. Unfortunately Tesco haven't rolled out the full range of their extensive financial products in Ireland just yet, however, that doesn't mean they don't have something you would be interested in right now in their financial locker.

In Ireland, Tesco currently offer two financial products. The excellent Tesco Credit Card, and their value for money Tesco Car Insurance range. Here we'll give you information on both of these items.

The Tesco Credit card is fantastic value for money, and offers 0% fixed interest in all purchases for the first eight months from account opening. It also offers 0% interest on balance transfers for the first six months of opening an account. You can also collect Clubcard Points every time you use the card.

Tesco's Car Insurance is growing in popularity thanks to its fantastic 10% online discount, and further 5% discount if you're a Clubcard holder. You also earn one Clubcard point for every Euro you spend on your Car Insurance premium.

No matter which of these excellent financial products from Tesco you choose, you're bound to save yourself a packet, especially if you're already a regular shopper at Tesco!

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