Make the Most of the Tesco Pyrex Offer

Deals like this don't often happen but when they do you should not think twice. The Tesco Pyrex offer helps you to get quality Pyrex products but for less than half the official retail value. What do you need to do to avail of this offer? Sit back and we'll fill you in.

The Process

Pyrex is a name synonymous with quality cookware and glassware. It can serve many purposes including cooking and storage. Tesco are offering a range of Pyrex Storage dishes, Pyroflam cooking dishes and a beautiful Pyrex Cast Iron Casserole Dish as part of this very special offer.

This offer is ideal for those of you that are already Tesco shoppers and have a a Tesco clubcard. Every time you spend £20 on your shopping either in a Tesco store or by ordering your shopping online, you will receive one sticker towards the Tesco Pyrex offer. The number of tokens you collect determines whether you get products form the Pyroflam range, the Pyrex Storage range or the Cast Iron dish.

Simply collect 5 stickers and you will qualify to choose any item from the Pyrex Storage range. If you are more interested in a Cast Iron Casserole Dish or something from the Pyroflam range, you must collect 10 stickers to take advantage of the items at a 60% discount.

Tesco do not prevent you from availing of this offer for as many items as you wish to buy as there is no limit to the number of stickers you can collect. Stickers are available in most Tesco Extra stores, Tesco Supermarkets, and Tesco Petrol Stations as well as online.

Must Use by the 26th of May

You can continue to collect Tesco Pyrex offer stickers until midnight on the 12th of May 2013 and once that date has passed, you must use these stickers by midnight on the 26th of May 2013 at participating stores and online at Tesco Direct via Click and Collect. As per usual with these kind of deals though, the offer only applies as long as stocks last.

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