Everything you need to know about Tesco travel insurance

Tesco travel insurance is among the best travel insurance policies available in The UK. They have cleverly broken their different policies up into three distinctive groups.

Value cover is their budget policy and is great for anybody who just wants the basics covered for their trip. Included in the value policy is £2 million medical expenses and £15 per day hospital benefit. Personal belongings up to £1,000 are covered as well. Your excess that will have to be paid is £75.

Standard cover is the next policy they offer and includes medical expenses up to £5 million and £20 per day hospital benefit. Your personal belongings up to the value of £1,500 will also be covered. Legal expenses, catastrophe cover and loss of passport are included with this policy. Excess to be paid in the event of a claim is £50.

Finest cover is exactly what it says! It is their premium range of cover which includes up to £10 million medical expense cover and £50 per day hospital benefit. Personal belongings up to £2,000 are covered as are single items, missed departure expenses, death benefit and financial failure cover of £1,500. Excess is extremely low at just £35 per claim.

You can choose to add optional winter sports, golf cover or wedding cover to either the standard or value policies for a small additional fee.

To get a quote for Tesco travel insurance, you can give them a quick call on 0845 293 9474 or visit them at tescobank.com.


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