Learn about Tesco travel insurance for over 65 travellers

If you are over 65 years of age then you know that it pays to be a bit extra careful when you move around, especially on a holiday. So, to ensure that you are fully covered when you take your next vacation, make sure you organise Tesco travel insurance for over 65.

Who is Tesco, I hear you ask? It is most famous for being a global grocery and retail store, headquartered in the UK and with stores in over 14 countries. Along with selling household goods, books, clothing and any more items, Tesco also provide banking and insurance services…one of which being travel insurance for over 65s.

All of Tesco’s travel insurance policies are for people up to the age of 74 years of age, This means that if you are younger than 79 years old, you can purchase any of Tesco’s three different travel insurance policies, being Value, Standard and Finest. Each of the three policies cover you for emergency medical expenses, hospital benefit, cancellation of your trip, personal belongings, loss of passport and more. The pricier your insurance policy is, the more money you are covered for. You can also opt for a policy that covers winter sports, golf or weddings.

If you are 74 years of age or older, you can still take out Tesco travel insurance but you need to give them a call on 0845 293 9474. To get a quote on any of the other policies, just click on the Get A Quote link and fill in their online form.

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