Bargains on offer with Tesco UK car insurance

Trying to secure the best possible deal on your car insurance? If you're living in the UK then one provider has shaken up the market with some out of this world bargains on car cover, and that provider is Tesco UK car insurance. Let's check out what they are offering.

Tesco are one of the UK's largest employers, providing millions of Britons every day with value groceries, and increasingly with other services like petrol and mobile phones at knockdown prices. One of their biggest successes though has been their Finance section, with their Car Insurance product getting rave reviews in particular.

The reason for this is the unbelievable savings on offer for the vast majority of drivers. If you shop regularly with Tesco and you possess one of their Clubcards, then Tesco believe that in eight out of ten cases they can save you a bundle on your Car Insurance. This is thanks to generous discounts built in to reward loyalty. Even better, if you take out the policy online, then they offer an automatic 10% discount.

If you take out one of Tesco's value Car Insurance policies, then you will receive a number of outstanding perks including a free courtesy car while yours is being repaired, you'll get optional breakdown cover, a 24 hour accident helpline, cover when driving in Europe, the option to protect your No Claims Discount, and the option to pay a higher excess to bring your premium down.

Check out Tesco Car Insurance today for a cheap quote!

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