Need information on a Tescos Credit Card?

If you've been mulling a new Credit Card then you've no doubt been pouring over terms like Annual Percentage Rate and Interest Rates while growing more and more weary and exasperated.

In our humble opinion it's always worth maximising your brief position of power in these situations. You should be seeking out credit cards that will offer you the best extras, and it's in that spirit that we suggest you take a look at Tescos Credit Card!

The Tesco Credit Card offers all of the usual benefits you'd expect from a highly competitive credit card. It's also got a host of brilliant extras that may sway your decision in it's direction.

The first advantage you'll receive from your Tesco Credit Card will be the extra in-store clubcard points you will get on your purchases. To give an example: If you spend £470 in Tesco shops per month you will receive 355 points instead of the standard 120 points. This will equal a massive saving if this spend is kept up, and if you regularly shop at Tesco it will add up quite quickly!

Your card will also be extremely protected from fraud with Tesco's in-built Fraudsafe and Tesco Secure on-hand to keep you safe. This is vital with credit card fraud on the rise.

You can withdraw cash at ATM's subject to a 1.5% fee (min £1.50). The interest rate for cash advances is 16.7% (variable).

The credit card market is highly competitive, but we're confident enough in the Tesco offering to recommend it!

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