We take a look at the latest AA breakdown cover offers

While you might well be very happy with your current insurance policy, there is certainly a lot to be said for looking into the possibility of adding additional breakdown cover to your plan for those times when you find yourself stuck on the side of the road. Most insurance companies don't offer anything along these lines, or if they do you'll pay an arm and a leg for the privilege, so instead it's almost always necessary to look towards third parties for your breakdown cover.

Having built up a great reputation in the United Kingdom over the past few decades, the AA has become synonymous with the needs of drivers across the country thanks to their expert knowledge, great service and prompt responses. Should you ever find yourself with car problems then the AA breakdown cover offers ample coverage to get you back on the road.

Today we're going to take a look at the AA breakdown cover offers available from their official website at www.theaa.com. Right now, you can make a forty two per cent saving on their basic roadside assistance package which includes roadside repair or round the clock towing to a local garage if the problem cannot be fixed immediately by their experts. For just £30 per year this represents among the best value we have ever seen for such a policy.

You can make further savings by adding on additional features the AA breakdown cover offers such as home breakdown assistance which costs an additional £42.20 per year, national recovery which extends the policy of towing you to a local garage to complete UK coverage which costs an extra £41 per year, full parts and garage cover for a single car for an extra £75.50 per year, and onward travel options which cover you for any expenses incurred from making your way home from the garage should your car be out of action for a while. And this is only a fraction of what the AA breakdown cover offers

The AA breakdown cover offers excellent value for money, as you can see, and you can be safe in the knowledge that their service has been proven to be among the most reliable in the UK for years.

So get yourself over to their website and check out the AA breakdown cover offers available today.

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