The benefits of using Alliance and Leicester online banking

If you're looking for somewhere dependable online to store your money and do your banking, then you may have thought of checking out Alliance and Leicester online banking. Unfortunately, Alliance and Leicester are no longer trading, but they are now part of the Santander Group, and they offer some fantastic perks to people who do their online banking with them.

Santander offer the full gamut of services you would expect from any reputable online bank. They offer Current Accounts, Credit Cards, Insurance, Loans, Mortgages and Savings and Investment services. All can be applied for online, and their current account is our favourite product, as it offers some outstanding rates to regular users.

If you open a new Current Account with Santander online, you'll get their "Preferred" account, which offers 5% AER (fixed) for 12 month on balances up to £2,500 when you pay in at least £1,000 each month. If you switch from another online bank, then Santander will even give you a whopping £100 free cash into your account.

If you are willing to shell out £10 a month, then you can get one of Santander's excellent "Reward" current accounts. This account offers subscribers over £400 worth of benefits each month for their money. You get the same 5% AER (fixed) for 12 months, and it's easy for existing customers to upgrade quickly online. You just need to fill in a short form and you'll be set.

For the full selection of services, check out santander.co.uk today!

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