The best company offering cheap travel insurance

Are you looking to strike the best possible deal on your travel insurance? If so, using a travel insurance comparison site is by far the quickest and most comprehensive way to go about it. These sites do the legwork on cheap travel insurance so you don't have to!

Probably the most highly regarded of these sites is Money Supermarket, and they offer one of the most extensive travel insurance comparison services on the internet at moneysupermarket.com. All you have to do is click on the travel insurance tab and you are good to go. The reasons for choosing Money Supermarket are quite simple, they claim to compare over 450 different policies, meaning you have a massive reading on the entire market, and there won't be many bargains that elude you.

They offer to compare quotes for all sorts of holiday insurance, with specialist sections for winter sports breaks, year long multi-trip cover, backpackers insurance, and even travel insurance for the over 65s. Their extensive search function also allows you to search for quotes for different aspects of your holiday insurance including cancellation cover, baggage cover, and even the level of medical expenses cover, so you can add or remove all of these extras to get the best possible quote for you.

Getting a quote is a simple matter of using the retrieve quote function on their site. So check out Money Supermarket today for the best possible deal on your travel insurance, no matter what level of cover you seek.

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