The best places to secure car finance

If the cash to pick up your dream car is proving elusive, then have you considered applying for car finance? This type of loan is tailored specifically for people looking to buy a car, and there are some companies offering fantastic rates right now on car finance, so we're going to check one of them out in this blog.

Behind a house, buying a car is probably the second biggest investment you'll ever make, so striking the best possible deal will literally shave thousands off the price you will have to pay. Settling for the perfect car finance package is just as important as picking the right car for you. We've taken a look around the market, and we've come to the conclusion that Car Finance are offering perhaps the best deals right now at carfinance.co.uk.

Car Finance are a finance broker, meaning they scour on behalf of you to find the best possible deal on the market. They use some of the most reputable lenders on the market, meaning you are getting some outstanding deals. A quick sample search from us returned potential APR's in the range of 13% to 15%, which is extremely competitive compared to some of the rates being offered right now.

Helpfully, Car Finance have an extremely useful Car Finance Calculator on their site to help you establish whether or not you can afford to take out a loan. You can check out the calculator at carfinance.co.uk/calculator/car_finance_calculator.html. Check them out today and get a great deal on your car finance!

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